Aiaze Mitha

Aiaze is an emerging market Fintech/DFS expert and a blockchain entrepreneur. He is currently providing advisory services to DFS providers and is assuming board membership roles with Fintech players and financial institutions undergoing their digital transformation. Previously, Aiaze was Chief MFS Officer at Tiaxa and drove Tiaxa’s global digital lending business in emerging markets, with a focus on Africa. Aiaze also founded Amarante Consulting and has been an Advisor to IFC (World Bank Group) Africa and Latin America for many years. An early pioneer in the mobile financial services industry, Aiaze combines first-hand implementation experience with strategic involvement in over 40 Digital Financial Services projects across Africa, Asia, Middle East and Central America. He regularly speaks at major conferences and regularly teaches at Boulder Institute of Microfinance. Aiaze holds a Master of Science from University of Quebec and a BA from Telecom Paris, France’s premier Telecommunications ‘Grande Ecole’. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Gujarati.