Fred Bitenyo


Fred has a broad exposure in DFS in different African platforms (particularly Sudan, Morocco, West Africa, East Africa and South Africa) and is an expert in conducting and supporting Mobile Financial technology from the UAT (User Acceptance Test) phase to live launch (national scale) especially in low income countries such as Liberia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cameroon, Benin, Sudan, Zambia. He has experience interacting with different stakeholders involved in a project (Project Managers, champions, IT team, VAS consultant, bank institution), as in-charge of Hubs platforms where communication was crucial for coordination and management of the service. Because of his exposure working in Africa and the Middle East, he has a strong cultural understanding in these regions which is essential to understand and anticipate user experience with DFS solutions. Fred holds a degree from TUT, South Africa on computer systems and is fluent in French and English.