Julien Mahuzier

Julien Mahuzier has over 13 years of experience in the IT industry and more than 10 years of implementing technologies in the field of financial services in emerging markets. He has worked 4 years for Software Group, a leading technology supplier, implementing CBS and alternative delivery channels projects and designing products for the industry. Prior to that, Julien worked as project coordinator for Oxus Development Network (ACTED group) and was in charge of technical and commercial development of an open source management information system for microfinance institutions. Under his 3-year tenure, the start-up broke even and the solution was implemented in 20 institutions across 4 continents, attracting external investors. Since 2018, he is an independent consultant intervening in various digital finance projects and has two university degrees in computer sciences and foreign relations. He has extensive experience in project management, product design and technology-related consulting for banks and MFIs across Asia, Pacific and Africa. He speaks French, English and has conversational proficiency in Russian and Korean.