Skills and Expertise

Our Skills and Expertise

and Design

Market & competitor analysis, review of the regulatory framework, review of existing core business, identification of potential partners, review of potential agent networks, identify areas of synergies with the core business, benchmarking with industry best practices, DFS business modeling, opportunity sizing & business case formulation, strategic recommendations for go-to-market

and Rollout

Product development & service specification, regulatory approval, distribution network design & set up, ecosystem building, partnership frameworks & negotiations, platform vendor selection, vendor management & coordination, risk management & controls, business process re-engineering, branding & marketing strategy, overall implementation support, program management


Company overview, management and shareholder understanding, competition and industry analysis, balance sheet and profit/loss statement trends, business model analysis including pricing, partner ecosystem, key suppliers and client usage of launched products and services, organisational capacity analysis, company valuation, go-to-market strategy analysis, critical view of expansion plan, current investor overview, critical analysis of roadmap, pitch book development

Training and
Capacity Building

Operational training on the job or short course training of 2 to 5 days on specific pieces of the DFS project value, change management, training of trainers, content generation, sensitivising top and middle management to organisational capacity, gaps and positions to recruit to build capacity, capacity building sessions

Workshops and
Knowledge Generation

Client objective alignment, research on use cases, lessons learnt and best practices, content generation and adaptation to level of seniority of the intended participants, organising interactive work sessions to discuss, debate and impart knowledge, working hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver quality output and learnings

Market Research
and Insights

Landscape research, market scoping exercises, quantitative and qualitative studies, primary research in country including mystery shopping, field observations, stakeholder interviews, secondary research including desk research and phone interviews, in depth analysis of collected research and study material in order to inform strategies for launch, improvement and expansion and also towards knowledge generation and awareness building exercises

and Evaluation

360° review with recommendations for business improvement and quarterly audit to measure impact: Customer insight and market research, Distribution review (coverage, TNX levels, commissions, agent/customer ratio), Pricing and product performance review, Assessment of the organization and processes in place, Review of initial roadmap, business plan and actual results achieved