Our Practice

Launch It

Carefully designing your project is a critical step. A successful initiative can bring high returns to your business. Digital transformation will significantly impact your day-to-day operations and getting things right from the beginning will be the key path to your success. At Amarante, we help you make that difference. Armed with our vast on field experience in the digital finance industry, we progressively evolve with the market as use cases expand, hybrid business models emerge and more local value chains are involved. We apply best practices and lessons learned from past projects in order to bring optimum results for our clients and your partners. Our methodologies and toolkits are tried, tested and efficient to cover both new market contexts and traditional ones. In particular, we understand emerging market dynamics and how to maneuver them. In order to help you launch your projects, we provide:

Strategy Development


  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Review of regulatory framework
  • Review of existing core business
  • Identification of potential partners
  • Review of potential distribution networks
  • Identification of areas of synergies with core business
  • Infrastructure and technical requirements
  • Benchmarking with industry best practices
  • Business modeling
  • Opportunity sizing & business case formulation
  • Organizational assessment
  • Strategic recommendations for go-to-market

Roll Out Acceleration

  • Service specification
  • Business process development
  • Distribution network design and set up
  • Customer service design
  • Marketing strategy and Branding
  • Customer education
  • Capacity building
  • Product development and service specification
  • Regulatory approval
  • Ecosystem building
  • Partnership frameworks and negotiations
  • IT management and coordination
  • Risk management and controls
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Pilot launch assistance
  • Full-scale launch assistance
  • Program management