The Impact of Ethioposts’s Exposure Visit to Tunisia

The Impact of Ethioposts’s Exposure Visit to Tunisia

by Barney De Jongh Senior Consultant

Unlocking Growth Potential: The Power of Exposure Visits in Business Development

In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, staying ahead often requires more than just keeping up with trends; it necessitates proactive learning and adaptation. One potent tool in this pursuit is the exposure visit—a strategic initiative that offers invaluable insights, fosters cross-cultural exchange, and fuels innovation. In this blog, we delve into the transformative power of exposure visits, drawing from a real-world case study involving Ethiopost’s journey to Tunisia, orchestrated by the expert guidance of Amarante Consulting and warm hospitality of La Poste Tunisienne.

Understanding the Essence of Exposure Visits

At the heart of exposure visits lies the notion of experiential learning— a hands-on approach that transcends theoretical knowledge. It’s a journey that propels participants out of their comfort zones, immersing them in unfamiliar environments, and challenging their perspectives. For Ethiopost, this journey was more than a mere trip; it was a voyage of discovery aimed at unlocking new avenues for growth and innovation.

Visit to the new sorting center of Tunisia Post for the regional e-commerce business.  

The Role of Amarante Consulting: Architects of Transformation

Amarante Consulting emerged as the guiding force behind the start of Ethiopost’s transformative journey into the world of digital financial services and inclusion. With decades of experience and a multidisciplinary team at their helm, Amarante was uniquely positioned to orchestrate this impactful exposure visit. From meticulous planning to on-ground execution, the team’s expertise ensured that every aspect of the journey was meticulously curated to maximize learning and engagement.

In discussion and demo with an agent in one of Tunisia Post’s specialized branches.

Crafting a Vision: Ethiopost’s Bold Aspirations

At the heart of Ethiopost’s mission lies a bold vision—to emerge as a global leader in postal services and digital financial solutions. However, realizing this vision necessitated a deeper understanding of market dynamics, technological innovations, and customer preferences. This is where the exposure visit to Tunisia emerged as a game-changer, offering Ethiopost a firsthand glimpse into the strategies and successes of La Poste Tunisienne.

A Journey of Discovery: Insights from Tunisia

Tunisia, with its vibrant market dynamics and progressive postal sector, served as the perfect backdrop for Ethiopost’s learning journey. Through interactive sessions, field visits, and knowledge-sharing forums, the delegation gained invaluable insights into digital transformation, customer-centricity, and strategic partnerships. From witnessing the operational modalities of La Poste Tunisienne to understanding the nuances of DFS portfolio management, every experience enriched Ethiopost’s understanding and inspired innovative thinking.

Unveiling Success Factors: Key Learnings and Takeaways

The exposure visit to Tunisia was more than just a series of events; it was a treasure trove of insights and learnings. Key takeaways included:

  1. Market Positioning and Differentiation

La Poste Tunisienne’s remarkable market dominance underscored the importance of strategic positioning and differentiation. Ethiopost gleaned valuable lessons on targeted marketing, personalized offerings, and the art of staying ahead in a competitive landscape.

  1. Customer-Centric Innovation

A culture of customer-centric innovation permeated every aspect of La Poste Tunisienne’s operations. From agile IT solutions to tailored financial products, the emphasis on meeting customer needs was evident. Ethiopost recognized the pivotal role of innovation in driving customer engagement and loyalty.

  1. Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration

La Poste Tunisienne’s success story was intricately woven with strategic partnerships and collaborations. Ethiopost grasped the importance of forging alliances with government entities, telecom providers, and financial institutions to amplify their reach and impact.

  1. Leadership and Organizational Culture

Strong leadership and a vibrant organizational culture were foundational to La Poste Tunisienne’s journey of transformation. Ethiopost gleaned insights into fostering employee motivation, nurturing talent, and aligning organizational goals with societal impact.

Nurturing Growth: Ethiopost’s Path Forward

Armed with newfound insights and inspiration, Ethiopost embarked on a renewed path toward growth and innovation. The exposure visit served as a catalyst for change, igniting a spirit of entrepreneurship and resilience within the organization. With a clear roadmap and the guidance of partners like Amarante Consulting, Ethiopost is poised to realize its vision of becoming a global leader in postal and digital services.

The Amarante Advantage: Driving Excellence through Collaboration

Throughout Ethiopost’s journey, Amarante Consulting stood as a pillar of support and guidance. From conceptualizing the exposure visit to facilitating meaningful interactions, their expertise was instrumental in unlocking Ethiopost’s potential. By fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, Amarante played a pivotal role in driving excellence and catalyzing transformation.

In the quest for opening up as many learning opportunities and discussions as possible, Amarante organised a few key meetings outside of the Postal environment. The success story of Enda Interarabe, a pioneer and key microfinance institution in Tunisia’s Financial inclusion landscape fueled a thought process on how Ethiopost may partner with financial institutions and build synergies.

Enda Tao (Tunisia Post electronic wallet service) branch visit

Team Bonding and Learning Sessions: Strengthening Ethiopost’s Cohesion

In the quest for opening up as many learning opportunities and discussions as possible, Amarante organized a few key meetings outside of the Postal environment. The added advantage of conducting exposure visits as a team is to foster team spirit and cohesiveness, akin to an offsite trip centered around learning. In Tunisia, the Ethiopost team capitalized on such opportunities for team bonding and debrief sessions. These activities not only enhanced camaraderie among team members but also facilitated valuable moments for reflection and knowledge sharing, ensuring that the learnings from the exposure visit were effectively brought back home.

Team photo of Ethiopost and Amarante

Embracing the Power of Exposure Visits: A Call to Action

As businesses navigate an increasingly complex and dynamic landscape, the need for continuous learning and adaptation has never been greater. Exposure visits offer a unique opportunity to gain insights, foster collaboration, and drive innovation. By embracing the power of experiential learning, organizations can unlock new pathways to growth and prosperity.

A meeting with a women’s entrepreneurship, NextWomenTunisie, and coaching network further enriched Ethiopost’s exposure visit agenda. This encounter provided valuable insights into the vibrant ecosystem of support for women-led businesses and inspired thoughts on how Ethiopost could catalyze similar efforts back home in Ethiopia.

 It also paved the way for fostering relationships, exemplified by the burgeoning collaboration between La Poste Tunisienne and Ethiopost. Their signing of an MOU signifies their shared willingness to collaborate as peers in Africa’s Postal sector, each a force to reckon with in their respective regions of North and East Africa.

Mrs. Hanna Aryaselassie, CEO of Ethiopost, and Mr. Sami Mekki, CEO and President of the Board of La Poste Tunisienne, signing the MOU.


In conclusion, Ethiopost’s journey to Tunisia exemplifies the transformative potential of exposure visits in driving business development and fostering cross-cultural exchange. Guided by the expertise of partners like Amarante Consulting, such journeys pave the way for innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth.

As businesses chart their course in an ever-evolving world, the power of experiential learning remains a beacon of hope. It presents a significant opportunity to build strong foundations via immersive learnings that build capacity and spark innovation.