Sahana Arun Kumar

Managing Director

Sahana is the Managing Director of Amarante Consulting, a boutique consultancy firm, focusing on Digital Finance and Transformation with start-ups and industry leaders in emerging markets across Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Passionate about financial inclusion, Sahana specialises in strategy and development of both micro and large-scale digital finance and branchless banking programs. Previously, with Societe Generale, Sahana focused on low-income market penetration, building market share for un(der)banked communities by enabling access to financial services. With experience delivering projects across the globe, Sahana believes digital transformation and financial inclusion drive necessary change to create aggregate growth in developing countries. To support this, she is also the Chair of Microfinance & Beyond Club in Dubai and a trainer and speaker for various organisations in this field. An MBA from HEC (Paris), Sahana is bilingual in French and English, speaks Hindi and Spanish and is learning Arabic.