Welcome to the new Amarante Consulting Dot Com!

Welcome to the new Amarante Consulting Dot Com!

Our journey started 10 years ago, when digital channels for financial transactions, customer on-boarding, identity and engagement were just about being tested in different pockets of the world. 

 Since then, the digital revolution has taken various markets by storm. Some regions have much more success than others, but there’s no denying the level of creativity in launching new technology-based products and services and building new business models. It’s always exciting and always growing! 

 We believe in digital and financial inclusion for local communities and want our contribution to help raise people’s standard of living, facilitating  growth and access to financial and other needed products and services.

 We understand that to do this, all stakeholders – right from the service provider to the end user, including partners, regulators and governments – need to see clear value propositions and gain from using/offering/enabling the service.

 Our initial client portfolio focused on telecom operators launching mobile financial services (MFS) projects. Over time our clientele has evolved to include a healthy balance of various organization types: Banks, microfinance institutions, telecom operators, regulators, private and public donor organisations/associations focused on financial inclusion mandates, payment processors, aggregators, technology vendors, distribution networks and also, more recently, some actors in the digital agriculture, health and education space.

 Progressively, from just mobile money and payment services, we have come to accompany our clients with all parts of their digital financial transformation, using innovative technology, business models and alternative channels to research, analyse, strategize, deploy, monitor and evaluate digital finance and digital finance plus services for our clients. 

 We pride ourselves in evolving with our clients’ needs. Today, we work with mobile, bank and payment cards, agent and merchant networks, fintech applications, open API initiatives and other management systems, all of which help bring access to financial products and services to the mass market across the world.

 Now on our 10th year anniversary,  we are proud to unveil a brand new website that is enriched with resources, information and stories of how Amarante has played a role in proliferating access to Digital Financial Products around the world. 

 We hope you enjoy browsing around our material and getting to know about our services and expertise. 

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