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Banco Popular in Honduras on the road to digital transformation

Our two consultants Raul Gomez Velasquez and Jaime Edelshein returned to Honduras this week, with Banco Popular, to  design and develop a viable and effective digital transformation strategy in order to transform its financial and non-financial offers to be more attractive and competitive.

There is no doubt that Banco Popular is very clear that the digitalization process is inevitable and necessary to maintain its competitive advantage in the Honduran market,


All about digital societies at the GSMA Mobile 360 conference

Our consultant, Shriya Sundaram, was in Kuala Lumpur last week for a 3-day conference organized by GSMA. The conference, Mobile 360 Digital Societies, revolved around the theme of digital technologies and 5G as a game changer. The conference also lay a lot of emphasis on digital identity, digital lifestyles, digital citizenship and how they are impacting our lives, for the good as well as the risks involved.


Amarante to facilitate a conference on ‘Development of a Technological Ecosystem in Rural Areas’

RED KATALYSIS and RED FASCO, organizers of the VII Meeting of Rural Finance, have invited Amarante Consulting to facilitate a keynote conference on the ‘Development of a Technological Ecosystem in Rural Areas’.
This year the event will be held in the city of San Carlos, Costa Rica, from August 20 to 22 and Amarante will be represented by its Senior Associate Consultant Raul Gomez.


Seminar on how MFIs can contribute to improving financial access in the Dominican Republic

Our Senior Associate Consultant, Raul Gomez Velasquez, was in the Dominican Republic in May to facilitate a Digital Finance Awareness Seminar for Senior Management and Board of Directors of various local microfinance institutions (MFIs). More than 40 MFIs participated in the seminar with whom we shared the latest trends in the digital finance industry. We also had a dialogue on how digital finance could provide access to financial services to segments of the population who are un(der)served by the traditional banking sector.


Women’s financial inclusion and changing gender norms- What the Finequity 2019 event was all about!

“We like to say Financial health instead of financial inclusion since just financial inclusion also has its limits” said Sarah Willis, Director of Metlife Foundation, who along with Yasmin Bin Humam from CGAP, kicked off the Finequity event held in Istanbul, Turkey on 29th May, 2019. Finequity, is a global community which serves as a platform for learning and exchange on a range of issues related to women’s financial inclusion.


Digital Finance Awareness Seminar for Senior Management of MFIs in Dominican Republic

After his participation in the Lima Fintech Forum 2019, our Senior Associate Consultant Raul Gomez Velasquez, will be in the Dominican Republic on May 14-15 to facilitate a Digital Finance Awareness Seminar for Senior Management and Board of Directors of various local MFIs.
The seminar is made possible thanks to the “Fund for Responsible and Inclusive Finance in Central America and the Caribbean” (FFRI-CAC),


Amarante to participate in the Lima Fintech Forum 2019

We are very happy to announce that Amarante Consulting will be present at the third edition of the Lima Fintech Forum 2019. Our Senior Associate Consultant, Mr. Raul Gomez Velasquez, will be representing us at the Forum. We hope to continue promoting digital transformation and its relevance for the financial inclusion of lower income and un(der)banked populations.


Es un placer poder confirmar que Amarante Consulting estará presente en la tercera edición del Lima Fintech Forum 2019 a través de nuestro Senior Associate Consultant en SFDs Mg. 


Digitalizing Microfinance Institutions in Central America

In Central America, there is still a dearth of knowledge and experience on how to increase financial access in an environment where the private sector largely accounts for the provision of financial services. Innovation and adoption of new technologies reduces the cost of providing access to financial services, especially those related to transactions and payments.

As part of Amarante’s collaboration with Ada and Redcamif in Central America,


Amarante contributes to raising awareness on Digital transformation

The Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) partners with Amarante Consulting to provide ‘Training on Digital Financial Services’ to MFIs through:

– Capacity building of MFIs

– Digital readiness assessment of MFIs to define what needs to be done to start going digital

SPTF is engaging in this initiative in Central America and the Caribbean (RIFF-CAC) region in collaboration with REDCAMIF and in Sub-Saharan Africa/Middle East and North Africa (RIFF-SSA/MENA) in collaboration with Smart Campaign

Networks and Microfinance Institutions can request introductory training for their members and can also apply for co-funded Digital Readiness Assessment studies.


Amarante et Groupe Finactu concluent l’étude sur le financement des start-ups au Gabon

English version available here

La question du financement est capitale dans le développement des jeunes entreprises de l’innovation numérique. Mais quels leviers les pouvoirs publics peuvent-ils actionner pour soutenir efficacement les startups ? Qu’en est-il du positionnement du secteur privé ? Mandatés par l’Etat gabonais dans la cadre du projet e-Gabon, avec l’appui de la Banque Mondiale,