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Digitalization for Better Access to Information and Training in the Livestock Value Chain in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, livestock is the third largest export sector after gold and cotton. In order to better understand the sector and its ecosystem, United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) commissioned Amarante consulting to carry out a “Mapping of the livestock sector in Burkina Faso to identify opportunities for the digitization of payments and non-financial services”. 

Read more on the UNCDF blog here (in French).


Women Working in the Cotton Value Chain in Burkina Faso

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Burkina Faso team mandated Amarante Consulting to map the cotton value chain in Burkina Faso and identify opportunities for the digitization of payments and non-financial services in this sector, which represents more half of the country’s export earnings until the mid-2000s and where women played an undeniable role.

Read UNCDF blog here (in French) for more information and find here a webinar (in French) of restitution of research recorded on April the 22nd


MoneyChaps- winner of SADC Innovation and Investment Challenge

We are proud and humble to see the achievement of a client we have been working with for the past 2 years on defining the right business model to meet his target clientele. It is a product called MoneyChaps. We have helped the product come to shape since its inception and the product has won the SADC innovation and Investment Challenge in the category “Women &


Going About Business In The Times Of COVID 19

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Dear clients and colleagues,As the impact of the coronavirus grows daily, we at Amarante Consulting are fully committed to doing our utmost to minimize any disruption and continue to deliver on commitments to our clients. To this effect, we are putting in place a few key actions:

  • We are placing a greater reliance on virtual spaces where people come together.


Amarante at the Microfinance Summit in Rome

As focus on access to SME financing, women, youth and overall entrepreneurship and sustainability is becoming a priority for investors and the microfinance sector world over, it is also well established that technological innovations help in enabling and and scaling up impact. Thus, as Amarante, we are very keen on contributing to this space in our own way.

In light of the above,


Singapore Fintech Festival 2019: i3Program

As we end 2019 and with insights from over 12 years in the global digital financial inclusion sector, we are excited to be part of the debate around Financial health and well-being of local populations.

It was a pleasure for us to participate in the Learning Event “Financial Health and its Relevance for the Developing World” sponsored by MetLife Foundation’s I3Program. The event was organised on the side lines of the Singapore Fintech Festival and saw a strong participation from private and public sector players including start-ups,


Amarante à SAM 2019

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Pendant la SAM 2019 qui s’est tenue à Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Amarante Consulting et SPTF ont animé une journée de formation sur la Transformation Digitale Responsable. Les échanges étaient riches et les interactions, nombreuses et de qualité, entre 80 participants, responsables et experts issus du secteur de la microfinance. Pour en savoir plus…

During SAM 2019 held in Ouagadougou,


Banco Popular in Honduras on the road to digital transformation

Our two consultants Raul Gomez Velasquez and Jaime Edelshein returned to Honduras this week, with Banco Popular, to  design and develop a viable and effective digital transformation strategy in order to transform its financial and non-financial offers to be more attractive and competitive.

There is no doubt that Banco Popular is very clear that the digitalization process is inevitable and necessary to maintain its competitive advantage in the Honduran market,


All about digital societies at the GSMA Mobile 360 conference

Our consultant, Shriya Sundaram, was in Kuala Lumpur last week for a 3-day conference organized by GSMA. The conference, Mobile 360 Digital Societies, revolved around the theme of digital technologies and 5G as a game changer. The conference also lay a lot of emphasis on digital identity, digital lifestyles, digital citizenship and how they are impacting our lives, for the good as well as the risks involved.