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Expanding beyond traditional consumer segments to serve the needs of other industries is vital for the sustainability and growth of your digital finance service. Financial Institutions are incurring high operating costs and facing more and more competition from financial technology (Fintech) companies ; Distribution companies are incurring high costs/risks for collecting payments from their point of sales ; Governments are facing challenges in disbursing social payments to their beneficiaries ; Health institutions are seeking ways to improve patient consultation payments ; humanitarian agencies are looking at how to leverage digital channels to better serve the growing number of refugees and displaced populations around the world ; other industries such as agriculture significantly benefit from digital payments and order placement within their supply chains. The universe of applications is large. The challenge is to design the right solution that meets client expectations. At Amarante, we eagerly propose to accompany the growth of Digital Finance Plus (DF+) ecosystems where local economies linked to specific sector value chains can stand to gain in efficiency while achieving financial sector deepening and overall increasing the usage of digital financial services to the ultimate benefit of local populations who depend on those sectors for their livelihood and sustenance. We provide:

Expansion Strategy

  • Analysis of relevant value chains/ecosystems
  • Identification of start-ups/fintechs that can help digitalise key parts of the value chain
  • Identification of key ‘gaps’ in relevant industries including gaps along the payment piece
  • Conceptualization and design of industry-specific products and value propositions
  • Implementation management