Our Practice

Nail It

Your digital finance service is launched but adoption of the service has not met your initial expectations. Maintaining customer interest and driving business growth is an everyday job. It requires constant monitoring, building a meaningful view of the business and making informed tactical adjustments. At Amarante, we help you continuously drive your business. We provide:

360° Review & Recommendations

  • Customer insight and market intelligence
  • Channel review (coverage, number of active accounts, commissions’ mechanism, agent/ customer ratio etc.)
  • Pricing and product performance review (pricing structure benchmarking and competitiveness assessment)
  • Distribution review (agent location map, agent to customer ratio, agent compensation, commission structure benchmarking and assessment)
  • Value proposition assessment (brand recognition, product understanding, product use, price perception and user experience)
  • Assessment of the organization and processes in place, recommendations for improvement, high-level orientation for business expansion and next steps
  • Detailed actionable recommendations for each area to improve your business

Digital Finance Dashboard

  • Customer usage and agent metrics KPI definition
  • Production of a monthly dashboard that gives you the pulse of the business
  • Quarterly reviews to measure and demonstrate the impact of our recommendations